Photo real 3DCG quality, attainable only by amana

3DCG x Photography directionDual input from photographers and 3DCG creators

Pursuing the highest possible level of 3DCG utilizing Amana's most valuable asset; photographer experience and perceptual expression.

■Advanced lighting techniques
By sharing techniques between photographers and CG creators, we constantly pursue a higher level of beautiful lighting techniques.
We have photographers directing 3DCG projects, enabling photo-real expression by 3DCG creators.

■Advanced retouch techniques
Other than photo retouching, we have developed and accumulated 3DCG retouching techniques for "beautiful photo quality" expressions.

Technical evaluationStable quality that you would expect from a photo production company

By utilizing our strengths in "high precision digital mock ups, and expressive lighting techniques" we have photography professionals evaluating each project.

When creating materials, we use our proprietary evaluation software "wonderland" to mimic scientifically correct colors using values taken from colorimeters, images of mocks, and color samples as guides, rather than just the perception of the designers.

We provide photo-real visuals using precise digital mockups and highly expressive lighting techiniques.

Compilation of a databaseMaterial database and Virtual studio​

We have a specialized team for CAD conversion as well as material setup. Standardized routines and rules enables versatile and high quality photo-real visuals.

Furthermore, our materials and 3DCG lighting environments are managed by our proprietary management library (palette), which allows stable as well speedy production of high quality visuals.

  • 3DCG setup library​

    Database that compiles essentials for 3DCG model setup.
    By using this database, it boosts productivity and efficiency ​compared to traditional methods.

※​All models seen in this site, used to explain our production force was modelled by Amana CGI​.

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