3DCG product visualization using CAD data

Accuracy x ProductivityAccurate digital mock up and efficient operation

We produce high quality digital mock ups utilizing CAD data provided by our clients.

Precise digital mock ups is crucial for conveying the true appeal of the product. Hence we invest time and money on material evaluation and spec analyzation for continuous quality improvement.

Furthermore, producing digital mock ups with guaranteed quality enhances project accuracy and productivity, giving our clients a peace of mind when utilzing our work.

Security x workflowEstablishing a found structure

From CAD retrieval to project delivery, we abide to a strict and productive workflow.

We have divisions allocated specific tasks: setup team (designs accurate digital mock ups), 3DCG team (angling, lighting), 2D team (brush up), and a management team to ensure smooth transitions and on time delivery.

All staff from every team are trained professionals and are constantly striving to attain a higher level of skill. But at a macro level, we have established a structure for better communication and productivity to enhance our customer service.

Purusuit of higher productivityquicker, wider audience, more accurate

Development of original tools to enhance communication with clients.

  • ■prism
    Cloud based realtime renderer.
    Enables visual confirmation of digital mock ups via the cloud.

  • ■"F.A.S.T" service using prism technology
    Providing a web based environment for our high end 3DCG
    Enables angle shooting all the way to shooting on the client side.

Accurate visualization is a necessity to the expanding visual needs, as well as a method to contribute to lowering costs.

※​All models seen in this site, used to explain our production force was modelled by Amana CGI​.

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